Fuse is a collaborative dance/photography project in which I photograph dancers on location at historic landmarks, neighborhoods, and representative businesses around the city, in order to create visual narratives that showcase the beauty, culture and lifestyles in Portland. These photographs take dancers off the stage and put them on the playground of everyday life. The dancers in the photographs are like actors in movies. They are the storytellers. Through stylized movement, the photographs invite the audience to experience a moment, place, or scene in Portland with a sense of drama and humor.
The project is a recipient of a 2015/2016 project grant by Regional Arts & Cultural Council. The series feature over a dozen  local businesses and about 50 movement artists from thirteen organizations.
Solo exhibits
Oct 2017, Multnomah Arts Center
Apr-May 2018, Walters Culture Arts Center

Dancers: Chelsea Moreno and Carly Ostergaard





Dancers: Renee Adams & Josh Murry



Dancer: Suzzane Chi

A Soaring Eagle 

Dancer: Jada Lee





80s Night

Dancer: Paige Underwood, Chloe Marais and Rachael Underwood at Sultanov Russian Ballet Academy

Grab that Tomato

Heart's Leap

Dancers: Cait Powers and Sarah Fuhrman

Vintage Shopping

Beer Guy


Chicken Coop

U Pick


Hoops & Wheels

An Epic Splash

Many thanks to the dancers who participated in this project:

Alicia Cutaia, Renee Adams, Josh Murry, Gerard Regot, Julia Ostrovskaia, Chelsea Moreno, Carly Ostergaard, Rachel Carter, Suzanne Chi, Paige Underwood, Chloe Marais, Rachael Underwood, Cait Powers, Sarah Fuhrman, Jada Lee, Victoria Chen, Scottie Stampone, Stephanie Orza Milligan, Russ Stark, Annie Garcia, Dori Pollard, Bernadette LaMarsh, Sean Daly, Gwen O’Brien, Sadie Brown, Emily Running, Daniel Girón, Chip Sherman, Jamuna Chiarini, Zavarea Clemons, Sydney Kelly, Isaiah Brown, Amica Hunter, David Cantor, Xuan Cheng, Nicholas Petrich, Viktor Usov, Leah Baker, Xena Isabella Rosas Güitròn, Zofia Mathews, Walker Guinnee, Lily Szymanczyk, Hannah Madans, Andrea Larreta, Zoe Stasko, Peter Anthony Franc, Jenae Gerstmann, Dominic Eason.

Deep gratitude towards the following rockstar local businesses:

Asian Food Center

Billy Goat Vintage

CC Slaughters

Crystal Ballroom | 80s Video Dance Attack

Grand Marketplace

Hopworks Brewery

Oblique Coffee


Rebuilding Center

Salt & Straw

Sauvie Island Farms


Vista Hills Vineyard

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